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Forum Rules

Post by Tom. » Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:07 pm

There has been some confusion recently over posting to other websites and places where spares are being offered for sale.

Please bear in mind the following:

1: This website/forum is owned and paid for by Lada Spares UK and is part of the business.

2: Do not post links to other sites or suppliers without getting permission from me first. This includes Ebay listings and those that link to ebay shops. (Permission means from me and in writing before posting).

3: You may post an advert for spares that belong to you personally, are secondhand (used) and not in point of sale packaging.

If you want to put a link up to another seller, please just ask me. I will says "Yes" if I can.

"Understand that when you post here you have granted Lada Spares UK a non-exclusive license to the content you posted, providing that you hold copyright to the content. Accordingly, you may not remove your content without permission from the site owner. The termination of the non-exclusive license must be agreed upon by both parties. We make regular back-ups of our data base, and reserve the right to restore any content deleted without permission."

Kind regards

Lada Spares UK.