2102-4 Rear luggage compartment glass removal

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2102-4 Rear luggage compartment glass removal

Post by Tom. » Sun May 24, 2020 12:54 pm

I've been emailed at least half a dozen times asking how to remove the rear luggage compartment glass fitted to the estate. It's done from the inside of the car with the outside trim still in place (DO NOT REMOVE OUTSIDE TRIM FIRST, YOU'LL DAMAGE IT) gradually pry the rubber seal back from inside the car using a flat edged tool being careful not to damage the glass (start from the bottom nearest the front of the car working your way to the back and up to the roof) When enough seal is pried back its possible to push the glass away from the frame enough to finish the removal from outside the car.

Carefully ease the whole unit, glass, rubber-seal and trim out being careful at all times not to put too much strain on the glass and causing it to break.

When the glass/unit has been removed from the car its then possible to remove the outside trim without damaging it. (trim is held in place under tension when fitted to the car, so always fit trim first while out of the car) Install using reverse method with the aid of some string wrapped around the rubber seal to help pull the seal back over the frame from the inside. Works best with persons inside and out. You'll find silicone spray also helpful.

If removing the glass for body repair only and the rubber seal is still good.....then there's no need to remove the outside trim.

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