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Re: Today I mostly .....

Postby Geoff Stainer » Wed Mar 07, 2018 8:38 pm

I know exactly how you feel mate. I received a ticket from Newport through the post last year complete with a photo of my car. The offence was "parking on the roadway." It was actually a loop off the main road with marked bays on the left hand side which were all full. As I was only going to buy a newspaper I parked opposite the bays. The road was wide enough not to obstruct anyone wanting to pass or pull out of one of the bays and there were no double yellow lines, evidenced by the photo they sent. I didn't see a sign at the time although I could see one on a post in the photo. The next time I was up that way I made a point of going to Newport to check. There was a small sign which said that vehicles should be in marked bays so I have to hold my hands up by not checking thoroughly enough. What I was bemused by was the fact that the area I had parked in is now adorned with double yellow lines. They definitely were not there when I parked and, as I've said, they do not appear on the councils photograph either. It does gall me though. It is my only "slap" and I've been driving since 1978!
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Re: Today I mostly .....

Postby Zelandeth » Wed Mar 07, 2018 9:22 pm

All right...enough about me spitting feathers about parking tickets...back on topic.

So yesterday evening I got a few things done on the Invacar.

I'd tracked down my pipe flaring tool, and ascertained that despite having not used it for probably more than a decade, did remember how to use it. Feels slightly odd to be using it actually on a car rather than on HVAC kit on the farm!

[] New front union to flexi line...


[] Offside rear centre to axle flexi line (the distribution union at the rear is helpfully buried underneath the rear bulkhead).


[] Nearside rear...


[] I'd also managed after far more work than it should have been, to get the access panel out so I could get at the drive system.


The belt is actually in good condition, though the tension needs adjusting. So I set about giving the adjuster itself a good dose of Plusgas as it's probably not moved in decades.


However I can't even *see* the three nuts I need to loosen off down on the front of the chaincase. Need to get in here with the degreaser and pressure washer then we can talk. Not going to start undoing things blind as three of them secure the whole unit and allow it to pivot to adjust the belt tension - the other three hold the faceplate on! I'd rather not accidentally undo the wrong ones.

[] Rear Brake Flexi hoses.

It doesn't take a genius to see that the rear flexis will need changing before the car can even hope to think about getting an MOT due to the rust on the ferrules (there are actually chunks missing of one of them). No problem, got a pair of new old stock ones with the car!


...Oh. Bother. These two pipes should be the same...They obviously aren't!

Best guess is that I've been given a pair of rear pipes for an Invacar Mk 12 as that's the main interest of the gent who sold me this one. No big issue, just a bit irritating. Shouldn't be too hard to source a pair of hoses elsewhere.

[] Battery Clamps.

The battery terminals I'd been using were very much a case of "what I had laying around in the parts box" rather than ideal for the job. Threw a pair of quick release ones on there today to make getting the battery in and out quicker. Will be less of an issue once it's properly re-located to the nearside of the engine compartment (currently missing the battery tray), when the battery will stay put and I'll get an isolator switch fitted. I trust the electrics in this thing about as far as I can throw it however, and I'd rather not burn the house the battery is disconnected whenever I'm not running the engine or actively testing anything electrical.


I should point out as well that the battery is usually bungeed in place here so it can't go anywhere. It's not ideal, but isn't a massive issue just moving the car around the drive. I should hopefully have the proper battery tray on the way soon so it can be returned to its correct location. There's also now some heat shrink on the positive terminal crimp, so far less opportunities for me to cause fireworks with a carelessly swung spanner.

Despite the slight setback with the brake flexis (which is annoying more than anything because it would have been nice to be fully able to draw a line under "brake pipes" as a subject today), having completed the missing bits of pipe meant that I could actually test the braking system out for the first time. Somewhat astonishingly, first tests seem to suggest that we have three functioning brakes. I'll need to get each wheel up individually to double-check that tomorrow, but certainly seems that way.

This has meant that I can actually do some slightly more meaningful drive system tests...

Youtube Video Link

I'll shift the Lada over to the other side of the drive tomorrow so I have a bit more room to play with.

Seems happy enough though, even though it's obvious the drive belt needs tightening as it's not hard to make it slip. Obviously I can't be *too* enthusiastic in my testing yet given the lack of seat seat...or floor at the moment. Feels like progress though.
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