Nova 17i SORNed

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Nova 17i SORNed

Post by rogerl » Sun May 05, 2024 10:22 am

Geoff Stainer
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Re: Nova 17i SORNed

Post by Geoff Stainer » Fri Jun 14, 2024 12:33 pm

I drove up from Devon to have a look at this car on 16th May. It looked fantastic, the bodywork appeared immaculate and the engine sounded fine. Admittedly I didn't test drive it, (due to ULEZ), and I was somewhat suspicious of the MOT which had been issued on 7th May mainly due to the fact that it had passed with no advisories, something I thought was unusual for a 29 year old car. However, I thought that any "minor" issues could be sorted at my leisure. I agreed to buy it, paid a deposit. I had taken my trailer with me which by the time I left was filled with spare parts including nine spare wheels! I took a train back up on 25th, paid the remainder and drove it home. Thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Okay, compared to my Volvo V70 it was a bit noisy and a bit bouncy, (which I attributed to the wide wheels fitted on the back and will be removed), but it was bloody good fun.

A couple of days later I took it to my mechanic, left it with him and asked him to check it over and to arrange a full service and a new MOT. (I simply did not trust the one it had.) He phoned me up the next day and said, "It's a bloody death trap and that he would drive it around the local village, let alone back from London!" That was the first time I can recall ever hearing him swear in all the years I've known him. He is a MOT tester himself and the following is what he found.

N/S/F shock absorber mount broken away from the chassis.
N/S/F upper & lower ball joints worn & dust covers split.
N/S/F chassis corroded by spring mount.
N/S/F tyre split.
O/S/F upper ball joint worn & dust cover split.
O/S/F chassis corroded.
N/S/R fluid leak from brake drum.
Brake fluid reservoir leaking.
Clutch fluid reservoir leaking.
Driver's seat insecure..
Front passenger seat insecure.
Battery insecure
Windscreen washer bottle missing
Side light inoperative.
Head lights inoperative.
Horn inoperative.
Rear wheels protruding from the wheel arch.

Some of these I was/had become aware of myself, but others came as a surprise. The car had handled well and the shock absorber mount being disconnected was a bit of a shock. Still, I am still happy with the car. These are all things which can be rectified and I will have another very nice Niva at the end of it. It's just going to cost a bit more than I thought and take a bit longer before I get it on the road.

It also underlines a point. Every second hand car I have bought has been serviced and put through a new MOT test mainly for my own peace of mind. This is the first time that I have had a really good reason to be grateful for following this practice.
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