niva 1700 tbi

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niva 1700 tbi

Post by mudbaby » Wed May 02, 2012 8:21 pm

tax/ ticket ran out last year
went to get it renewed and there was a problem with the 2nd hand gearbox i put in so never got its test.
Got spare gearbox and an overhaul kit for it but havnt had the time to sort it.
Tatty inside( loadsa stickers/wires and scuffs but not full of mud or owt), although it has fiat strada abarth front seats on adapted runners which are a big improvemnet on the originals (do have rears to match but they're too wide)
Ive got some uncut door cards to replace cut ones if wanted.
Engine was replaced a couple of years ago and runs well.
Brakes were ok but it hasnt moved all winter
diffs and lock worked fine, (slight knock on rear diff under hard acceleration)
I took the alternator off for another niva but didnt need it, haven't got round to puttin it back on (still have it)
all four tyres are fairly new technic trakkers on straight alloys
Tailgate is rusty and struts have gone but i have new ones still in their wrapping
Usual rust at front wings/side repeaters, door bottoms
sills/ jacking points ok but one of the outriggers has had a rubbish repair job not that you would know looking at it. inner arch drivers side has been welded and waxoiled last year

In 5 years ive fixed/ broke and replaced lots of bits so any questions just ask. Loosing storage and im cutting my "fleet/ projects" down so this has to go unfortunately. If we get a nice dry day this week ill pull it on the drive and give it a tidy but thought i may aswell drop it on here now, you all know the score so im sure the fact it hasnt been polished wont be too much of an issue.
If no ones intrested it'll go on ebay....if no ones intrested i might cut it in two and make a trailer from the rear/break the front for bits. :( would be a waste though after 5 years of graft keeping it rolling.

Oh heres two pics, one old one ....

and one recent....
Im in suffolk.
Money wise....i dunno?
£750 would be nice :D as i could probably make that up if i broke it up but without t n t i cant see anyone on here paying that, plus id rather someone had it whole and got some use from it.
what do you lot reckon? p.s- i have other 1700 spares like t case, gear boxes, grills, calipers/brake parts, ign coils, dash pods etc etc. They may aswell go with it if wanted, cylinders, timing kits. wheel bearings ...etc...etc....half a shed full! If your an avid collector and fancy a soft top im getting rid of that too, could come to a deal? see other thread.
where we're going....we dont need roads!

1700 tbi niva
1600 carb niva ragtop x2

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