Niva cabriolet resto....

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Niva cabriolet resto....

Post by mudbaby » Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:18 pm

Hi, i bought this off a mate locally last year with the intent of saving it. bought new panels for it and started stripping the old off. As with all these things it was a bit worse than i first realized which wouldn't be a problem but through the summer i cant get any time off to sort it out and ive since bought another one that was ready to go with tax and ticket so this one is surplus to me now. Before i start breaking it any more for bits i wanted to see if anyone was interested in saving it.

stripped front panel, wings, sills -all of which i have new replacement panels for. The rear arches+ corners are rotten (which didnt matter as i wanted to cut them back.) The outriggers could do with replacing but i dont have the replacements. The doors were ok, a bit scabby but i got some new ones as neil was making me up a pallet of stuff anyway. bottoms of the A posts needed patching. springs cups needed doing and have replacements somewhere. drivers floor pan i think needed strengthening. boot floor was good, came with 2 bonnets, one painted green and the other a white cossack bonnet with a scratch down the middle. Also has front bull bar with spots on. Came with a red hood fitted to it which had shrunk a bit but would do as a pattern.

as you can see from the photo the engines been removed, it came with two, one which was whole and one which was split up (ive run neither as i wanted to put a diesel in) most the pares are still there from both including fairly new looking clutch, rads, manifolds, alternators, starters, pipes etc. (all untested though)

The box and running gear are all still in place, it rolls freely but ive never driven so cant say much more than that. Tyres are a bit shite but all the white starmag alloys are in pretty good nick.

All still in place with no signs of cracks around the steering box or on its casing etc.

Again all still there with plenty of spare parts including calipers. think theres some hubs with new bearings in too.

All still there but old. Bought a lift kit for it aswell that would be surplus now.

Ill just put a few pics up for now and if anyones intreted i can put up more/ detail etc.

If not ill just brake it up for spares for my other one. dont mind

Lastly its got a bit of an odd plate which may be good if your names dany.
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